Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Two Santa Dolls this week

I've listed these two Folk Art Santas in my Etsy shop this week. They were sure fun to make! This Irish Santa is based on the worn, vintage style quilt in shades of green, tan, beige and cream and he's just loaded with fun details. Once I've made the doll and painted the eyes to my satisfaction, I go to town on his outfit.

When people ask me where I get the ideas for my dolls I would have to say the robes come first. Just like making an outfit for myself, I see the quilt piece or unique fabric and I know what it will look like when I'm done. This old quilt piece was perfect for embellishment with Irish crochet roses, lace, celtic buttons and more.

I love making the accessories, too, individually styled for each doll. This stocking is made from green tapestry with old lace and a cinnamon star and it is stuffed full with twigs, berries, a glittery shamrock and cinnamon sticks. Since my Santa's arms are wired, he can hold his stocking and his Celtic cross staff very nicely.

Look at the fierce blue eyes on this Americana Santa! He has the look of an old fashioned civil war general, I think. I just love the way my Santa fellas come out, they are so compelling to me now that I've figured out just the way I want their eyes to look, then everything else falls into place.

The vintage print fabric is perfect for this good looking guy. I also loaded him up with fun details and accessories, including an embroidered stocking and hand made muslin snowman.

For your Americana decor or for that special someone returning from military duty, this doll would be a wonderful family gift and heirloom!

Just look at him so tall and straight, and his arms are wired so he can be posed in multiple ways. Sigh, I just love my Santa dolls. Wish I could keep them all!

I often wonder just what could they be thinking every time I finish a doll. Sometimes they look sad, or quizzical or serene or serious and thoughtful. I never know until I put that final little twinkle in their eye and call them done. These two fun, collectible Santa dolls are no exception. They look vintage and old but are brand new for us, my own original designs from my Oregon studio. Don't miss them!

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