Friday, November 19, 2010

Gallery of Dolls

All of my dolls are unique; my own original designs handcrafted in my Oregon studio. They are all signed and numbered and these dolls are all SOLD. I've just listed doll # 950 in my Etsy shop. Take a look and see the wide creative variety of dolls made by me, Alexa Ann.

Santas are my favorites!

My series of round little paper clay witches are very popular.

I use quilt pieces and scraps, many of them vintage for my Santa dolls especially.

Valentine's Day Santas are great gifts for a Santa collector.

Just a little dark goth angel Annie who popped into my head. Love her!

A little tabletop paperclay Santa, one of my first. And another Irish Santa with a little different look.

Dreamy eyes on this chenille Santa are almost as pretty as my Blue Christmas Annie.

Black mammy doll just loaded with fun details. I'd love to make another one!

I love vintage chenille and they make such distinctive looking Santa outfits. Just gorgeous!

My gentleman rabbit doll had a tapestry vest and a high buttoned collar. He came out great!

I love vintage red and white quilts for my santas and if I can't find the right piece I make it up just for that special doll.

My first santa with a paper mache face. I liked him so much I'll be doing more this year. Love working with paperclay!

Do you have questions or comments or would like to order a themed collectible doll? Just email me at
Yes, Virginia, that witch is carrying a spell book and the rabbit is a real gentleman ; 0 )


  1. These are beautifully done! I love the goth doll that "popped into your head" Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it was much appreciated.