Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Post - Santas are my favorites!

Hello and thanks for visiting my new blog about my Primitive Folk Art dolls and other creations. I've been making my Santas and Raggedy Anns and Folk Art Angels and theme dolls since 2001, and this year I will be making my doll number 1000!! That's quite a milestone for me, and I've had alot of fun along the way.

After that many dolls I can truly say my Folk Art Santas are my favorites! They've come a long way since their button and snap eyes and acrylic yarn beards back in 2001. They were truly primitive and I made lots of them.

I love to make them and dress them in unique outfits with lots of extra details and accessories. But that's not why I've fallen in love.

In the last two years I've started painting their faces and really emphasizing their eyes and now I'm smitten with my guys!

Whether their eyes are deep blue, or cool gray or warm chocolate brown or even emerald green, when I
put that last little twinkle in their eyes they just seem to come alive.

I've always given them big bushy beards and now I have a great stock of imported mohair and Oregon llama wool and curly yarn, so they have my own unique look.

You can always recognize my dolls by their lush beards, mustaches, hair and eyebrows and I hope
now by their wonderful eyes too!

Of course, I
've started giving my Raggedy Annies new eyes, also, and I love the look of their lush, stitched eyelashes.

Hello, my pretty!

I put alot of care and effort into making each of my dolls a unique creation. I make my own patterns and almost every bit of the embellishments and accessories. So I have alot of affection for each of my Folk Art Dolls.

And I love it when my buyers give each of my dolls a good home. I am very fond of ALL my doll creations.

But, I gotta admit, when it comes down to brass tacks, that I love my Santas the best.

After all, what's not to love?