Friday, September 17, 2010

The Queen of the Pumpkins

Here she is, the Queen of the Pumpkins, my gift from Candace Navarette at Howling Moons Designs for the Rabbit Hollow Prims Halloween swap. Isn't she marvelous? I like her. I like her alot!

What a face this doll has! Candace used the fat end of a gourd for this marvelous doll and paperclay for the primitive folk art features. So creative and clever! See the tiny gold colored rose earring she has to trim her hat? Notice the black fun fur for hair? And she smells oh so good, like apples and cinnamon!

The Queen's dress looks like vintage fabric, as do her striped pantaloons. The glittery orange and black ribbon trimming her dress is perfect for this doll, and don't overlook the netting and crinkly ribbon bow at her neck. And just peaking out is a big gold and black button on her dress.

A rusty safety pin holds a vintage skeleton key at her sash, and her arms and legs are painted orange osnaburg. Her high heeled boots are also painted.

The glittery tag says it all...she truly is the Queen of the pumpkins!

She really likes to sit on our woodpile and our log fence. She seems very comfortable and looks regal perched in either place.

What a marvelous, wonderful piece of art she is! Thanks, Candace, for making her and sending her my way! And thanks to Sue, Cindy and Kim at Rabbit Hollow Prims for inviting me to this fun party. When's the next one? Can't hardly wait!

Here's a link to Candace's blog post about my gift to her for this swap.

And here's a link to the gallery at Rabbit Hollow Prims of the other great Halloween pieces in this swap. Go check it out, you'll love what you see!