Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spirits of Halloween Past

I love the holidays and the fact that Halloween comes up first gets my creative fires burning bright. I love the "anything goes" aspect of making things for Halloween and so, in my usual style, I try lots of different things for my house and also to sell on Ebay on Etsy, like the wide banner and paintings above. This year I plan to do a whole series of Shakespeare quote Halloween paintings or banners. And Edgar Allan Poe, that wonderfully creepy author. I wonder if Stephen King will reach that icon status in the next century?

And sometimes I get an idea in my head and I just have to go for it! In this case it was a Halloween birdhouse with bright yellow and black. Love this! I'll probably do a few more!

I love painting these vintage style Jack o' Lanterns and I still have this set for my home decor. I love the bright combo of colors so much I used them for my banners.

And boy, do I love painting these banners. They are bright and colorful and fun! As you can see, a group of them hanging on my porch are traffic stoppers. I've painted and sold dozens of these Halloween flags and plan to do many many more.

I also like the vintage vibe of white Jack O' Lanterns. Made from muslin then stuffed and painted and embellished to a fare thee well, each year I make and sell lots of these fun pumpkins.
I sketched an idea for candlestick JOLs and this year I'll be trying out some new configurations of these fun guys. The stacked set on the left is over 4 foot tall!

In the last couple of years I have discovered paper mache and I really love the possibilities for making cool Halloween characters. My roly-poly witch sisters came out so well, with such expressive faces, that I'll be making more of them this year. I started using paper mache for doll heads and for lots of Santa and snowman figures, too, so paper mache is my new craft love. I've got a group of figures going right now, it will be interesting to see their personalities take shape!

I've finished some of these witches and others are still in process. Halloween is coming and it's not too early to plan and sketch and design some fun new projects. I'll be posting some of those projects right here, so check back again, won't you?


  1. Now I'm following you on two blogs and I love, love, love those Jack O Lanterns

  2. I love Halloween too!!! These look so much fun!!!

  3. Your work is gorgeous! You are incredibly talented!

  4. A girl after my own heart.

  5. Wonderful creations!!!